Mayors Leadership Council


Th­­­e Mayors Leadership Council (MLC) is an integral component of Sister Cities International’s overall global outreach strategy. As part of this strategy, the Mayors Leadership Council serves to validate and advocate the role of current and former elected municipal leaders as citizen diplomats in the context of global diplomacy and peace building, as well as to raise the visibility of Sister Cities International (SCI) as the lead global NGO supporting this important peace building function.

The Mayors Leadership Council (MLC) seeks to:

Engage current and former Mayors and City Councilmembers in the activities of Sister Cities International at the grassroots, national and international levels.

Raise the awareness of Mayors, City Councilmembers, and local elected and management officials about the benefits of municipal membership and funding for SCI and their respective local Sister Cities organizations.

Understand municipal issues as related to Sister Cities International’s programs and services, to strengthen programming efforts and outreach activities.

Serve as a forum to promote, educate and provide resources to local leaders on international diplomacy and related partnerships towards potential economic development and cultural partnerships.

Promote the mission of SCI and expand SCI’s exposure with municipal, regional, county, state and federally elected and career officials.

Broaden the base of active SCI partnerships by encouraging new partnerships between domestic and international communities.

Attract local, principal elected officials to serve on the SCI National Board of Directors.

The MLC will hold periodic meetings and receptions, as convened by its Chair. Meetings may coincide with the SCI Annual Meeting, the U.S. Conference of Mayors (Winter Meeting each January in Washington, DC) or the National League of Cities (Annual Congressional City Conference each March in Washington, DC).

Membership of the MLC will be made by appointment and serve at the discretion of the SCI Board Chair, who will serve as an ex-officio member. Terms of appointment are concurrent with each SCI Chair; however, nothing would prevent the subsequent Chair from reappointing members. Current and former Mayors or City Councilmembers from an SCI Member City in good standing may be appointed. There is no maximum number of MLC members. MLC members serve without compensation. The Sister Cities International Board Chair may appoint additional SCI Board members as ex-officio members at their discretion.

The SCI Board of Directors Chair appoints an MLC member to preside as Chair of its meetings/activities and serve as the primary contact for the group. An annual MLC report is normally presented to the Board of Directors at the SCI Annual Meeting.

For any questions about the Mayors Leadership Council, or to express your interest in joining the Mayors Leadership Council, please contact Chair Helene Schneider at [email protected].